Monday, June 15, 2009

White Party 2009

I bought this crazy feather headress online and it made it's way around at the party.

Ania, Maurizio and Sonia. 2 More weeks till Ania's wedding.

Nothing is happening here. It just looks like something is.. for realz.

Mone celebrated his 39th bday.

Ended up in the tub of water with a hot young man. We danced so hard till 4 in the morning. Did some of the craziest dance moves ever and pissed a few people off on the dance floor-I even kicked somebody in the head, that's how crazy me and that young fella danced. That's the first time all year, shit, maybe 2 years that I have done that. My legs were killing me and my feet were numb half the next day from my red boots. I woke up and my arms smelled like sweet 22 yr old boy sweat. What a perv I am, or wait.. maybe it's a Cougar..It was fun. More pics here


Grace@PoeticHome said...

That party looks like hilarious fun! Ah, the sweet smell of 22 year olds...perhaps it should be bottled and sold ;)

P.S. Your tats are hot!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

aww thanks! Also, what a great idea.. I would love to have a bottle of 22 yr old boy sweat to smell every now and then. Or maybe I'd just like to have a 22 yr old boy bottled up to keep and use