Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm in love with these Bento lunches. So cute, so creative and I'm sure kids love them. I'd be sad to have to eat them all up, that's how cute they are! If I had a kid I'd prob try to make their lunches a bit more snazzy with some of this stuff. Then again it's prob easier if you have money and can be a stay at home Mom. A friend told me today that she was making her kids lunches but she never knows what to put in them because her kids are so picky so I suggested this kinda stuff. Then again when we were kids we ate what our folks gave us or we'd go hungry and learn to appreciate what we did get. Or do as my friend Cindy did at lunch-eat my breadcrusts or trade with your friends.

Item number: 400059916008 Your own Hot (Cold) Pocket Maker!
Item number: 400060131875 egg molds

There are so many cute Bento kits on Ebay.. this Hello Kitty one ESP!
Item number: 140333680549
Item number: 190317934689 Seaweed face punch kit! cute.
Item number: 310138310427 I have some of these egg molds.. they are pretty darn cute.

Item number: 310154591305
Bento Burger Kit! Item number: 180382540920
Every man should have a banana keeper!
Ebay Item number: 310145406085
What if your banana doesn't bend that way tho?


buzzy sullivan said...

Banana keeper, mind blowing.

goldlionaz said...

oh my gosh, i want that burger kit. I love fake food!

the golden state of things said...

yeah.. my kids will eat what i give them or they'll go hungry. gotta keep it old school.