Monday, July 6, 2009

E-bay and Then Some...

Ok, I really don't want to sell this jacket but I guess it's a bit big on me and I don't need it. I have been saying I was going to sell it for a while now but I really am. I just forgot it at home so I will have to list it tonight or tomorrow. I love all the patches on it, ESP the Datsun one. OK ITEM# 180379849694


William Rast Corset belt going on Ebay. I bought it and have yet to wear it so.....

The items above aren't going on Ebay but they are some great vintage thrift finds for sure. Esp the old Hang Ten T-shirt (this one MAY end up on Ebay). I love the lil heart print on the shirt above. The only prob is the shirt is super short.

the vintage skirt and two mesh crop tops are def going on ebay. I will post the item #'s when they are listed.

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