Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Final Day

Yoli and I took the "L" downtown to meet up with my little brother while he was on break from work. He works on the trains (takes the tickets, etc) and we hit up Potbelly's for lunch -super delicious except for their malts. Their malts had no malt taste and were too liquidy. I like my malt thick and rich, just like my men.


There was a farmers markets off of Jackson

Guess which movie the building above is from? Yup, Adventures in Babysitting.

We hit up Millennium Park. It was pretty rad, esp the Silver Bean thingy.

My brother said that the building on the far back left was designed during the prohibition and it's shaped like a champagne bottle or something. Maybe it's true?

There's pirates all over the city because of this I wish I could have gone to it!!

State Street.

Ok, now guess which movie this staircase was in? Actually, quite a few but the one that sticks in my head is the scene in the Untouchables where the baby stroller starts rolling down the stairs.

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