Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Item number: 290329274194 SZ 5.5 SO Bad ass.. so small.

Item number: 370223925254 SZ 7.5 mens..
Item number: 280368432364 Another tiny pair.. whats with these midget women in the 30s/40s. It must be McDonald's or Preservatives that have turned us into monster sizes these days. I am addicted to McDonald's ice cream cones-don't hate-
Item number: 280368432364 Says 9 3/4 toe to heel.. so maybe a 6 or 7?
Item number: 380135127868 SZ 6.5
Item number: 190315821426 SZ 8
Item number: 130316907277 SZ 9
Item number: 250460158342 Sound like a SZ 7?
Item number: 170354159798 SZ 8.5
Item number: 170351702047 SZ 7
Item number: 110410217925 SZ 8
Item number: 260428414605 SZ 5.5.. damn. too small.
Item number: 230353623992 SZ 9
Item number: 180377051379 SZ 8
Item number: 220445905262 SZ 8
Item number: 150357135469 Says size 10 but the measurements seem more like 8.5/9
Item number: 250455792686 SZ 7
**All shoes courtesy of Ebay-current listings. Photos or shoes are NOT mine.
And now I think I will start adding the shoes that I am wearing on Tuesdays. Maybe it will help motivate me to whip out some old pairs. I had to take them off bcuz I have no room to move my toes around and I like to take my shoes off at work because I sit on my legs all the time or I will sit cross legged in my chair. I'm sure this is very bad for my 37 yr old circulation. Still don't have any spider veins tho so WOO HOO!

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