Tuesday, July 14, 2009


250464220706 SZ 8 CHLOE
320398096810 SZ 9. I had a pair of these but I sold them bcuz they were so loud when you would walk in them. So rad tho.
180381942546 SZ 7.5 Mens
270425640954 SZ 9 HOLY SHIT!

300330201077 SZ 6.5-7
300329613662 SZ 6.5
300329613300 SZ 6.5
380137708610 SZ 10

13031739498 SZ 9
300328646252 SZ 8
290329823192 SZ 8 9 hr left
I didn't find too many good ones this time around.

**All shoes are from Ebay and are not mine.

My shoes of the day are these vintage "Rainbow Bright" Platforms that Jazmine gave me for my Bday a few years ago. They are a TAD too small for me tho plus I have super wide feet. I remember my Mom always having a hard time finding shoes that fit me as a kid.


chromium dumb belle said...

your rainbow platforms are amazing!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

why thank you VERY much ;o)