Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoesday on a Wednesday.

# 290341291045 SZ 38.5
# 200373662701 SZ 8 holy fucking hottness.. I'm going to watch these babies.
# 120396208087 they don't say a size tho.. I'm guessing they are tiny
# 330353529339 SZ 9.5
# 130324881653 SZ 7.5- so HOT!
# 250484756117 SZ 6.5-7
# 390083217344 SZ 7
# 270444535402 SZ 6
# 150366009614 SZ 8.. ends in an hour tho. I like how they used water bottles.
** All shoes from Ebay, they are not mine. Current listings. The air is still not working at the house. I tried sleeping in my car last night with all the dogs but it was almost just as hot as it was inside so at 3 am I woke up and went back in, sprayed the sheets with water and managed to sleep the rest of the night thru. Ya know, I can manage to wear my sky high platforms but when it comes to flats, short, short wedges I always seem to twist my ankle-what gives?!!


Anonymous said...

awesome finds! too bad i am a size

Fashion Serial Killer said...

i know huh? i'm an 8 1/2 and it seems a lot of the super cool shoes are size 6! bummertown.