Monday, August 17, 2009

Thriftscores! Ebay

It's bring your 3 dogs to work day bcuz your air conditioner at home broke and it's 95 degrees inside the house EVEN at night. We're hoping it's just the freon-my friend Mone's supposed to come back over if he has some available, otherwise we'll have to pay somebody. Hopefully it's not the compressor, if that's the case we are screwed. I guess we could just buy window units. Anywaysssss... the weekend was ok. Friday I stayed in and recovered from Thursday. Saturday I hit up an estate sale (sucked) and a giant yardsale at the Celebrity Theatre (sucked). Went to a few thriftstores and scored all this stuff there for $40! I'm still debating if I should sell the chandelier. I really have no use for it since I'm a renter and I could use the extra money. Most of the stuff below will be going on Ebay. Saturday night we had MC/DC. We tried to make pizza but the crust recipe I got for Pizzeria Bianco crust didn't rise? It was SO gross!! I fell asleep at the bar while listening to a super loud band that I wasn't too into and then we got busted by the cops for drinking and hanging out at the abandoned house on the hill. They just told us to leave-Thank GOD! HA. Ya know it seems as if I can never get ahead either, I get some extra cash and then the air goes out-never fails.. it's just disappointing.

I'm keeping these 3 for now. The vintage Levi's denim shirt is awesome.

Some of the stuff i've had -but all from the same thriftstore. I need to clean the closets out so some of that is above as well. I will keep you updated as to when they are listed-remember, i'm a slacker! In the mean time you can check out Emily's stuff here and here

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