Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily Heart On

I think this pic above is from -ah crap, I can't remember sorry.. I just really like the ensemble. All the other pics are from random places as well-the clothes are mostly from here and I can't afford any of them. FUCK.

So today a guy from a company that my work owes money to for their services, came in and asked for our CEO, I was told to say she wasn't in the office. I come back downstairs and tell him that she's not in the office, I ask for his business card and give him one of ours in exchange. He then asks for her last name, I was told to not give it out on past occasions so I don't. He then asked me if I was "RETARDED" HA HA HA.. I said, "Yes, I am, are you? " He then whips out a photo of my boss from a news article a few years back and asks for him and I say he's not in and he flips his lid and asks if the "whole company is retarded" and I said "Yes, we are.." He proceeds to throw a lil tantrum and then leaves. Boy, people think receptionist's have it so easy, but we really get some doozies. A word of advice, if you want help be NICE to the receptionist-I have more power than you think.

And I will leave you with a quote from my biker friend Nick "Maybe you should try dating girls since the only boys that strike your fancy are bad news. Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something. You’re totally gay." That sums it all up. ;o)


the golden state of things said...

ooh that guy was a wack job.. sounds like you handled it well though. i think i'd probably lose my cool on someone like that.

also, it's funny because i just had a guy friend say the same thing to me about being gay.. it would probably work except for the fact that i don't like girls. bummer.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA.. yah, I wish I was the type to blow up on somebody when they do stuff like that. I'm like a kitten tho, unless i'm drunk-then i'm a..hmm..cougar (in more ways then one since i'm old)

as for the gay party-I thought about it as well but I could never eat a girl out HAHA