Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crabby Crabcakes Man!

Item number: 350267708430
Somebody should buy these hot shoes that are on Ebay right now. They are a size 8.. They aren't mine tho.I have a pair that are very similar to these tho-reckon mine are a few inches higher.

I have a tooth problem. I have to go to the Dentist today. I HATE the dentist but I put it off so long that I will have to pay dearly now. I have a meth head tooth and I don't even do meth. What if they have to pull it out OH NO I don't want to walk around with no tooth. I'm crabby. I was wondering why my tooth would hurt when I would jump up and down or run, or why my face was hurting (insert joke here).


turns out my tooth is cracked and the cavity is pretty deep so they need to put a crown on it. they also may need to do a root canal UGH! If they do both that's $700 that I don't have.

I also called Vidal Sassoon about being a hair guinea pig-I'm going to bleach my hair again but ONLY if I can be one of their students hair models and get it done for free.


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

FUUUGUGUGUGUG. Hate, hate, hate the dentist. Hateful, vile, cruel people. Good luck.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

AUGH me TOO!!! I think I was shaking when I was there HAHAH..