Thursday, October 22, 2009


i'm the lil blonde with the messy hair, my lil brother bj is in a dress in one scene and is pretending to smoke in the kitchen and my sister Cheryl is in the white tank. This was taken with old 8mm in the 70's

i'm the one that can't sit still and also pulled the dogs ear in the end. My lil brother is smoking a cig butt AGAIN in this one HAHA. My Dad made us that bench with his chainsaw-pretty rad.

this is what my crazy Chihuahua used to do to my cat when I lived on Wiletta.


woodenheart said...

these are rad! why isn't there any sound?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I don't think my Dad's 8mm camera had sound?? I have so many more to transfer over but it's kinda pricey.