Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shoesday on a Wednesday.

Item number:
320431559487 SZ 8
Item number: 230384741174 SZ 7.. but it's that Indie Cult Vintage seller and the prices are always too high for most normal folk to afford. I don't know HOW they are able to make THAT much money off of ebay. I'd sure like to know their secret to sucess! I can list the same exact thing and only make $30 and they will make $280.
Item number: 290357067168 SZ 8
Item number: 290357067168 SZ 6
Item number: 300354495845 SZ 7
Item number: 400077265119 SZ 9.. wow..
Item number: 400077260566 SZ 9 ME-OWWWWW I might have to bid on these baby's
Item number: 170390825489 SZ 8
Item number: 300352755992 SZ 5
Item number: 330365867567 SZ 8
Item number: 330366092726 SZ 8.5
Item number: 190339665778 SZ 6- DAMMIT these are SO bad ass!
Item number: 230385091386 SZ 7
Item number: 200391530897 SZ 6
Item number: 220488739738 SZ 8
Item number: 380163771884 SZ 7 ends in two hours.. kinda cool esp with the pocket on the side to hide stuff in...
**None of these boots are mine-they are all from Ebay.**
I can do this Shoesday if I use Explorer but if I use Firefox i'm unable? I don't get it! grrrrr

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