Friday, October 2, 2009

Tag, I'm IT

Where's your cell phone: desk
Your hair: short
Your mother: nitpicking
Your father: tough
Favorite Food: lasagna
Dream last night: missing
Favorite drink: ugh
What room are you: attic
Where were you last night: Desert Botanical Gardens
Something that you aren't: rich
Muffins: blueberry
Wish list item: 1964 Ford Falcon
Where did you grow up: Illinois
What are you wearing: cotton
Your pets: love
Friends: far
Something you're not wearing: bra
Favorite store: thriftstore
Favorite color: orange
Last time you laughed: often
Best friend: far
Place you go to over and over: work
Person who emails you regularly: jazmine
Favorite place to eat: lots

i tag...
Cindy A

one word answers.
pass on to others.

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