Monday, October 5, 2009

Totally Random Weekend.

I had an awesome weekend. Those don't happen too often these days. I hungout with my old friend Mone and his friends. We hit up First Fridays and stopped at a friend of a friends studio and he has THE coolest pad ever-so full of neat stuff. Here's a video of him performing -

I came home with a bunch of peacock feathers and other random feathers and BOY do those goats STINK to high heaven!!

The desert tortoise was trying to escape it's enclosure. You can see him on the left on the piece of wood-so cute.

This horse was so cool but it tried to rip my dress off!!! Pervert. Then it tried to steal Mone's wallet.

This is me on the left getting nervous and telling Mone to hurry up and take the damn photo because the horse on the left was trying to eat my dress again.

I think this is the horse that was the retired race horse. My friend works for a Charter school and they have a ton of animals there. I guess people dump animals off there all the time, esp these days because people can't afford them. Sad.

This old trailer is for sale down on Buckeye-it was only $1,200-DEF needs work inside tho. These signs were outside the junkyard, pretty funny.

Angela makes these cool bags from recycled bicycle tubes..she does such a great job. You can see more here

The reason we went to the school was to get Mone's tools so he could help me fix my mountain bike seat post that rusted itself into the frame. We tried everything-the last resort was to saw it off with a sawsall (is that how you spell it?) What a pain in the arse that was. My bike now has a functioning bike seat YAY!!! I've had this bike for 17 years and I can't let it go-just yet.

Chihuly glass sculpture at the Desert Botanical Gardens.


woodenheart said...

great photos. i love the horses. it was nice running into you on saturday. what a random spot, right?

Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

I love a good goat.