Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily Heart On

My Vintage T-Shirt Collection. I love old t's and i've scored 95% of these at thriftstores. The Shudder to Think one I got at the actual show back in the day. The Harley tanks are my fav collection. I'm a dork huh? Jazmine gave me the Ice-T one. A lot of these are too small for me now, well-only bcuz I don't want my gut hanging out cuz they are so short. If you click on the pics they will enlarge. Sweet Jesus.. I just ate shit on the stairs at work. I was talking on the phone with Jazmine and mopping/sweeping and next thing you know i'm flying down the stairs. Good thing i'm quick with my hands and grabbed the railing. I would have been hurting.. my elbow is a lil swollen, they are tile stairs! I swear i'm super clumsy and I haven't even had anything to drink ALL WEEK!

This WHO T-shirt says "1976" I think so it MIGHT be Authentic..I sure hope so.. I scored it at the thriftstore.

I was looking over at the Selvidge Yard blog and they had a pic of this No Nukes Tshirt on this girl in 1979.. rad.. another great thriftfind.


goldlionaz said...

Damn, those shirts are RAD!! What a great collection. The lacy harley shirts are so hot and the no nukes, all of them!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks Emily! I do love me the lace Harley shirts.. mm hmmm.. You have good taste ;o)