Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Funny pose..but it was difficult to get the sleeves in the pic. Yves St Laurent blouse XS. Marc by Marc Jacobs maryjanes size 8.5

Vintage cowboy shirt and 80's candy striper blouse

Vince grey oversized sweater sz L. Anthropologie Green Cord dress Sz S, March by Marc Jacobs Peter Max style top Sz XS

Vintage Dingo Boots Sz 8.5, Gunne Sax (pretty sure it's gunne but it has no tag) Sz S

I will hopefully get these up and listed soon. I'm so lazy. I need to get rid of them tho.


Janet said...

how much you sellin those boots for lady??? also, what time you coming to thanksgiving dinner?

Reverend Mike said...

That black blouse is hot. Like wouldn't get out of the house and to the show hot. Keep it..... Looks like the (wo)mannikans might be a bit cold. Better turn the heat up.... I love anatomically over correct mannikans... I dated one once for a week. But she was always giving me the cold shoulder... it had to end, she was so aloof...

~Rev Mike

Fashion Serial Killer said...

that blouse is too small for me now. my gut is too big. Janet, they are going to be up on ebay tonight. I think I have them for $45 buy it now? not sure.. I'm also going to Dana's parents house for T-day but I will stop by Hoss' as well. what time is their shindig starting?