Monday, November 23, 2009


Rad beard Font.

An awesome score.. a HUGE 1958 map. It fits perfectly in the hole in our wall, a lil crooked tho but F-it. I hate trying to hammer nails into bricks so the first try is the ONLY try.

The landlords been coming around. He's starting on the new garage. That means our days at the house are numbered-tho, they are already numbered for me bcuz there's no way in hell i'm staying there with no air over the summer. The few weeks that it wasn't working were HELL.

Don't worry, it's NOT staying this ugly ass color my bro picked out. WTH was he thinking in the first place? I think I like this color combo

Here are the photos of it with the finished interior. My Dad shows me a tube in the lower section of the engine and says "put your hand here and let me know if any air comes out" he then proceeds to blow air thru the hose and all this gross greenish, slimy, black dotted shit came out all over my hands-thanks Dad for warning me. My hand smelled like bad gas (not fart gas, but fuel) for at least 6 hours, even after multiple washings. The shifter is still my fav thing. My Dad showed me how this one worked-it's a bit odd. OH and here's my Dad with his new project-'70 Maverick. I think it's kinda fugly tho.

Chi Chi came to work today. OH yah.. So a typical day of visiting my folks house includes my Mother nit-picking every thing about me. I walk in and she says "do you ever wear your contacts? you should get those rimless glasses-the glasses you have are horrible and bulky" then we go to get into my car and she says "you're sucha pig, I didn't raise you to be so piggy, this is a new car and you should keep it nice" then "you smell like onions" was pretty good-I hadn't even eaten any onions. I left out the part where the T-shirt that I had on had been on my back the whole day before and all night and then all day the next day. I was too lazy to change it. I did shower tho so shut it. The list of her picking on me usually goes on and on. Sometimes I wish I had a Mother who appreciated me for who I am and didn't pick on me. I'm sure she's just looking out for me but there's got to be a better way of doing that. When my hair was long she told me I should cut it bcuz I look better with short hair, when I wear my thriftstore shoes she asks If I have nicer shoes to wear..AAAHHHHUUUGGGGGGH!

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Initials BB said...

aw, hoodie! love it. my mom is an endless nag too, she hates everything i love & vice versa.