Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Randoms

Went to TT Roadhouse Friday night. It was actually pretty fun. Saturday I got up super duper early and tried to lay around bcuz I couldn't fall back asleep and I didn't want to get up quite yet. It's just not as fun to lay around in your bed if you are all alone. I know I have my dogs and all but it's diff. Then my friend Virginia came over with her dog and we hiked the big mountain behind my house. Went back to V's house and then walked to Ania's and was happy to see Janet AND Sonia were there as well. Ania gave me her G-ma's old blanket from Italy. I totally forgot to take a pic of it, it's so wacky/great. Saturday was a good day. I ended up not going out tho for Halloween and we had ZERO trick or treaters at our house. I reckon it's because our house is on a hill and it looks like a decrepid old house (compared to the $700,000 homes that surround us). We are the black sheep.

Attended Whiskey's bday party at Meg and Wez's house Sunday. I made a butterscotch apple cake. I forgot to take a pic of the finished product tho-duh. It was super good.

This is what Atilla does when she doesn't want to share the cake pan. She picks up the heavy metal bowl and carries it into the other room HAHAHA..

yup this is me.

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