Tuesday, November 24, 2009

William Gedney

All photos from here and some from The Selvedgeyard Blog one of my all time favorite blogs-they have taught me so much and have THE best posts. I just had to share this one with you tho.. I love photography and I had never heard of Gedney-DUH! So glad they posted about it. I now have a new favorite photographer.

Once again ***The photos above are all originally from the Duke University Libraries Digital collections. I think I was supposed to put the name and title of each photo but if you go to their website you can see all that info.

"William Gedney was born in 1932 and died of AIDS in 1989 in New York City and is buried in Greenville, New York, a few short miles from his childhood home. He left his photographs and writings to his life long friend Lee Friedlander"
Here's more info on Gedney.


Anonymous said...

Woah, those are intense. I've never heard of Gedney either. Will check out. Thanks for posting!!!

Reverend Mike said...

Thanks for that reference. I love intense black and white, both 'candid' people and architecture.

Smelly balls are relative actually. I mean people develop a certain "stink" be they men or women that can be part of their personal allure. Just kind of like end of day funk. Not the same as 5 days without showering and your underwear are actually stick TO parts of you...

So, yeah, pet peeve, too much road grime. Oh and people should bathe at some point after sex.... freaks me out... hmmmm maybe it's the medication dose.... I better check that...

~Rev Mike