Monday, November 30, 2009

Word to ya Mutha.

Friday night Mone, Virginia and I took our bikes on the light rail and headed to Tempe to play (I watched) kegball. Then we rode to a few other bars. I have to remember that when I go out with my friend Mone we NEVER get home before 2 am. UGH! That's Virginia in my knit hat taking down Alana. I want the Jesus one now and the Werewolf. I have the Bruce Lee funny buy one here

I think I prob smell like dog farts after my dog nearly gassed me to death this weekend. I had to give her gas pills for dogs-that's how bad it was.

These are all going on Ebay hopefully today. I haven't worn my DIY Balmain Military Jacket so F-it, I'll sell it. I made the mistake of trying my Chloe shoes on and now i'm having second opinions on selling them. I need somebody to come to my house and go thru my stuff and tell me what TO and what NOT to get rid of.

My friend Allison was in town so it was nice to see her. We hit up a few thriftstores on Saturday. The Salvation Army on Mohave has some signed Tommy Roe LP's and a Kenny Rogers LP. They also have a lot of NICE antique furniture. I was fixing the x-mas lights in my kitchen and hammered my thumb in the process. Bloody HELL! OH and speaking of blood-Ruby bit my landlord. She didn't hurt him, just nipped his pinky and made it bleed a little bit. I'm glad he's a super cool guy.

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