Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"You are the Son of a Motherfucker"

Item number: 130345544601
Item number: 350280753916
oh shit.. i'm not giving out the item # on this one.. i'm bidding on it! rad.
Item number: 280421007496 this one for the laugh.. this girl has THE funniest listings ever.
item: 110457737039
item: 170404160341 HA HA they want $1,000 obo
Item number: 330376880653

Item number: 370292663565
item: 370277587986
Item number: 310182241046
Item number: 310182240829
item: 370287884676
Item number: 390119185007
Item number: 390119162016
Item number: 350276178520
Item number: 120492022968

all items currently on Ebay and none of them are mine-are you kidding?!

I love Band of Horses so so so much..(even tho the title of this post is from a Pixies song)


woodenheart said...

i haven't heard this band before. thanks for posting! you have great taste in music. wanna make me a mix?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks!! I sure can make you a mix cd....I will make 2 diff ones. One old country and one random

Charlene said...

Is that the tweaker chick?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

hah Char, YES!!!!