Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In Mesa, AZ here

I searched the name and saw this rad!

but what i'd really like is this one below even radder! I could put my dogs in the back.


T.W. said...

there's one for sale at century cycles in san pedro, with sidecar. i think tim's asking 7k-ish.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

which one the one on the bottom or top? they are SO cool. I think more big cities in the USA should have Tuk Tuk like rides ;oP

Daniel Bergeron said...

You definitely do not want a CJ. Craptastic Chinese copy of a Soviet copy of a BMW. All kinds of pot-metal aweful.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Dang it Daniel! Well, they LOOK cool at least, esp the bottom one.

filo said...

I owned a chang jiang some years ago... I had some great rides in paris with it!
I posted this in october http://www.itsdeadlicious.com/2009/10/vorwarts-sturmen.html
however I sold it soon after buying...too many mechanical troubles....the steel used on it was shit !

Fashion Serial Killer said...

hey Filo Loco, I still have yet to visit Paris *sigh* Someday...even tho I can only say a few words in French like au revoir and oui! oh wait, je na se pas or something along that line.