Tuesday, December 8, 2009


74 Mile and hour winds will do some harm... see our roof below. I was afraid to venture outside-afraid that the flying roof shingles would decapitate me. I was home all alone with the dogs thinking the roof, which is termite ridden, was going to fly right off.. It's a rental. I don't know how much longer the house will hold up-shit's hitting the wall or is it fan?. I want a discount on rent bcuz now my side of the house smells like, not only dog farts, but WET DOG! My couch is wet, the rug is soaked, my Salvador Dali Lithograph is water damaged, some photos.. blah. P.S... the garage below didn't lose it's roof in the storm, it is in the process of being built.

this is what happens when you drink too much wine at a wedding reception.