Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gimme Back My Hair.

Because I am growing it back out, just like the above pic-kinda like how I used to have it before the storm.I have anxiety today. I don't typically get that but for some reason I'm in a pissy mood. Pics from Style Sightings. It's a good day for Hot Snakes. They can put me back in a good mood.

also have you guys seen this movie with River Phoenix and Lili Taylor? It's so great. I miss you River R.I.P.


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

dude, I totally hear you on the hair. I cut loads off mine and dyed it brown and I hate it. I'm going to grow it as long as a mermaids and dye it platinum just as soon as I win the lottery.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HAHA. you're so funny. I want mine platinum as well. I may have to do it before I win the lottery tho..

woodenheart said...

dogfight is so sad. you should get a really good wig. i love your short hair. i wish i could pull it off.