Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a Happy New BEER!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year and that it's def a better one than last year!!! Joshua Tree and LA here we come for the weekend... OH and I will leave you all with some quotes from my Dad yesterday -

"Why don't you marry a swinger?" "Marry a rich man like your one friend did..she's set for life" "go to church to find a man" The best one "The Aids virus is killed by Saliva"


Initials BB said...

oh boy! are you going to stay at the joshua tree inn and try to conjure gram parsons? or take pics at least.

Lindsay said...

Where did you get these great pictures?? And happy new beer!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Brittany-His room is sold out, we'll just stay for a few hours.

Peppers and Onions-I stole them from ebay. Is that bad? :oP

woodenheart said...

have fun cindy! if you make it near encinitas call me. i'll be there until sunday.