Tuesday, December 29, 2009

L.A. for New Years?

Maybe there's somebody out there that will let us stay with them a few days this weekend in Los Angeles? 2 maybe 3 of us girls are thinking of getting out of this hell hole for a few days and if anybody knows cheap hotels in the area or has a place we can crash that'd be cool. We just want to go on photo missions and to a few ice cream socials, perhaps some dollar stores as well. ;oP

Ok, i'm going to get myself a caramel sundae with whip cream, hold the nuts.


the golden state of things said...

i would say you could stay with me but i think my roommate is getting sick of all my visitors. it was so nice when i lived alone and had the extra room for guests.. bleh. good luck finding a place to stay!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

aww thank you for the consideration!!!! If you ever need a place to stay in AZ hit me up ;o) Have a great New Year!