Friday, December 18, 2009


Disposable Panties are comfortable and cheaper to forget out in the woods while camping or at the Slab City Riot, or throwing out the window at a driver that pissed you off-JUST KIDDING, Humping dog USB very fitting (chi chi).. stickers-who doesn't love stickers!!! I wont post the rest-it's top secret. Thank you for the lovely package. The dogs thank you as well.

Wednesday night I decided to pull half that zebra carpeting out bcuz after the roof leaked it smelled WAAAAY too bad and I can't have a stinky carpet for the Holiday Party. Check out the old tile underneath it.

I also rearranged that area and took out part of the monster couch. Much better, more tranquil.


Flatironmike said...

Damn, feng shuei's gots nuthin on yew!

feliz navidad!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I mean IT sure doesn't.. duh.