Monday, January 25, 2010

"Nice Beaver!"

I'm sick still..blah boo hoo poor me sorry for the lack of smut. I didn't go out all weekend. Well I ran a few errands, but I didn't go out on the town.

My landlord brought me a bottle of Jack Daniels Friday. What a nice guy he is! He brought it bcuz the roof leaked a bit after the big storm. I don't care if he's old enough to be my Dad-I still have a crush on him. It's so hot when a guy can build stuff, esp when they have the money to pay other people to do it all.

Even tho I was sick I still tried to be productive. I got rid of a buncha crap and I pulled ALL the zebra carpeting out of my side. I'm really going to miss that tacky dirty carpet. It was so bad, it was good.


goldlionaz said...

Thanks for the kind words Ms. Cindy :)
I hope you feel better too!
Your landlord sounds pretty cool, fixing stuff and supplying with booze. Not too shabby.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

you are welcome. You always inspire me to be more creative. I just need a kick here and there bcuz I get lazy and spacey.

My landlord is bitchin!

John Scribner said...

I'm rootin' for the old guy...
John S.