Monday, January 4, 2010


I had to steal this one from Janet's site. She got a pic of Umani with half my Turquoise on-so darn cute. You can view Janet's pics from the getaway here she even has some of my San Andreas fault crack.

Janet noticed the moon a rising on the way home-so pretty.

My best friend Jazmine let us crash in her guest house in Venice Beach so that was awesome because I also got to spend time with her and her cute lil kiddo's. Mateo's recovering from a broken leg-ice skating accident.

We also got to hit up one of my fav stores in LA -Wacko- and meet up with my friend Rich who takes awesome pics. We left shortly after this and got home around 1 am Phx time.

This was my fortune and weight for a penny. The first one I did said "Watch out for the dark one that is watching you" eeeeeeeeeeeek!

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goldlionaz said...

oh LUcky! you stopped by Wacko, I love that place!!