Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tagged like a brick wall.

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Thank you TJB from Stirred Straight Up with a Twist!

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I made it super small bcuz it's a silly logo

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See above.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

a) My real name is Cynthia. I dreaded the first day of school because the teachers would always call me by my first name. I would get super embarrassed bcuz I was such a tomboy that I didn't want to be called a girly name.
b) I'm a sensitive delicate flower. Really, I come off as all tuff but I'm really just a pansy. When I was a kid and my Grandma in Hibbing, MN had a new calf to name, I named it Pansy. (it's also one of my fav flowers) I think I was this age when I named the calf that (I'm the blonde and my sister Cheryl's the brunette)

c)I had to run to the bathroom to puke the first time I kissed a boy. I was super nervous that I'd do it wrong. It was in the hallway with a boy named Brian, Freshman year.

d) I was born in Chicago, lived in MN, then back to Chicago suburbs and lived there until the end of 1996 when I moved to PHX, AZ.

e) I've traveled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico a few times, Canada a few times, Italy twice. I also went to Dublin for a week by myself and to London twice. Someday i'll make it to Russia, Turkey, Morocco, India, New Zealand.. the list goes on and on...

f) I never finished getting my assoc degree. All I needed was my Math credit. I was lazy and kept failing basic math and basic algebra. I was going to school for photography-Started at Elgin Comm College, then to Columbia College in Chicago then back to ECC, then to a few Comm Colleges in AZ. Sweet Jesus.

g) I'm terrified of cockroaches, I hate them SO much. I will NOT add them to any of my bug collections bcuz they are SO gnarly.

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers and post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

* I Nominate any of the people that care to join in that look at my site. Is that allowed? I'm lazy but I do enjoy all of your blogs as well-esp the ones that I have posted/linked on my site.

6. Someone forgot to include a sixth rule.

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goldlionaz said...

I had no idea you have traveled so much, thats rad!! and pansys are pretty flowers, I like the mini ones that look good in hanging planters.

TJB said...

Are those sippy-martini glasses you and your sister are clutching??? Did your mom strain pureed olives into the gin to make a dirty sippy martini? Genius.