Friday, January 8, 2010

You Want?

If any of you boys out there want either of these let me know. They are too big for me and I'm too lazy to list them on Ebay. You can't resell them tho, I put a voodoo spell on them and if you try to resell them you'll see what happens. The rad Honda one above is a mesh like material but cotton says size XL not in the greatest of shape. The shirt needs to be bleached. 21" shoulder to shoulder, 27" top to bottom, 23" sleeves. It's super rad. I wish the Honda one was my size *sigh*.

Paper thin vintage Hawaii T-shirt-XL -18" shoulder to shoulder, 24" top to bottom. super stretchy. Says "stoneman" in tiny letters at the very bottom of the pic. Email me or leave a comment. If there's more than one of you dudes-you'll have to wrestle in jello with some cute tighty whiteys on for me.


WoMpY said...

Are you sure you wanna see ME in tighty whiteys?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

sure. send me a sample photo please and thanks ;o)