Monday, February 22, 2010

39 and 40

Saturday night I met up with Janet, Aiden, Jessica and Meg to FINALLY celebrate Meg's 39th bday. We hit up Sapna and ate all kinds of goodies. Later that evening I headed North to help my friend Chris celebrate his 40th. I made him what was supposed to be a Black Russian Cake. I messed up and bought Rum instead of Kahlua so it kinda turned into a rum cake. Delicious either way. I also gave him one of the Sound Alarms I got at the thriftstore-he might need protection when he takes his new motorbike out. Ya know I realized that I make the same stupid smile when I take photos.. WTH! Kinda bummed the pit bike stunt show was cancelled due to the rain-I was ready to WIN. Last year at his party I was the only girl to hop on it and within 2 min's I fell over-it's hard to ride in sandy terrain with high heeled cowboy boots on.

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Ms.Lou said...

HaHa, I jsut made the Black Russian Cake this weekend too, I used kahlua though.