Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily Heart On

No Valentine for me as usual, but If I did have one I'd give him one of these cute vintage cards. Ya know, my last ex dumped me ON Valentines day a few years ago (then came back to me a month later and then dumped me a few weeks before x-mas, then came back a month later then dumped me again a few weeks before my bday-man, why did I let that happen?).. WTF! Loser... He could have at least given me a gift and then dumped me the next day ;oP

Got you! Painter Leonor Fini, 1932, by Bresson


Ms.Lou said...

hahaaa, ouch. That is a great way to get someone with your game.

lee bender said...

its above the waist..sorry

Fashion Serial Killer said...

no way.. it's below the waist Lee!!!! I win.