Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fact.

The World's largest lake is the Caspian Sea. It's located on the border of Iran and the former Soviet Union. It's said that it's most likely named after an ancient tribe called the Caspii. The Sea is 92 feet below sea level, and is the lowest point in Europe. The Caspian is famous for producing Beluga Caviar.

Lakes are usually fresh water but the Caspian Sea is saltwater.

World's Largest
Inland Seas and Lakes
Approximate Area
Caspian Sea, Asia
371,000 sq km/143,000 sq mi
Lake Superior, North America
82,100 sq km/31,700 sq mi
Lake Victoria, Africa
69,490 sq km/26,830 sq mi
Lake Huron, North America
59,600 sq km/23,000 sq mi
Lake Michigan, North America
57,800 sq km/22,300 sq mi
Lake Tanganyika, Africa
32,900 sq km/12,700 sq mi
Great Bear Lake, North America
31,790 sq km/12,270 sq mi
Lake Baikal, Asia
31,500 sq km/12,200 sq mi
Aral Sea, Asia
31,220 sq km/12,050 sq mi
Great Slave Lake, North America
28,570 sq km/11,030 sq mi

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