Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Henry Darger

I wish I could see the collection at the Folk Art Museum there's a few pics and info with that link as well.

I also wish NYC was closer... then I'd go here


Janet said...

I own that movie if you ever want to have a movie date!

buzzy sullivan said...

Henry Darger is so fucking amazing. I watched The Realms of the Unreal not knowing anything about him, and as soon as the film was over he became one of my favorite humans to ever have lived.

filo said...

I had the opportunity to see his amazing work in nyc...you should also check his portrait by joe coleman !
cool post ;-)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Janet-i've seen it as well--but we should def make a date to watch it again.

Buzzy-I didn't know too much about him b4 I saw the documetary either-so crazy-so cool.

Filo-I'm JEALOUS!!!! damn and i'll google Joe Coleman now.