Thursday, February 11, 2010


First, I'd like to say THANK YOU JOHN for the awesome books I recieved in the mail! I appreciate it sooo much! Hopefully this will help motivate me to get my ass back in jewelry/metal/casting class. The thing is whenever I realize I want to go back to school for it it's too late and the classes have already started-slacker? Yes.

I forgot to take a before pic on the actual office chair , I remembered half way thru so you at least get to see the original fabric. I liked the original but it had been sitting out in the hot AZ sun and dried out and was nasty. I took some of my old oil cloth and am in the process of refinishing it. I like lil projects that keep me busy and make me feel as if I have accomplished something. I'll post an after pic soon.

I have a hard time re-doing the corners when re-upholstering-any tips on how to get them to turn out better would be greatly appreciated.

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John S. said...

Glad you liked the books, mon ami. CREATE!
John S.