Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Everybody have a jelly roll like mine, I lives in town"

It's closing in on the 400 years since Caravaggio was born-there's a big show going on in Rome here

"Caravaggio painted two versions of Medusa, the first in 1596 and the other presumably in 1597, The first version also known as Murtula, by the name of the poet who wrote about it (48x55 cm) is signed Michel A F, (Michel Angelo Fecit) and is in private hands whilst the second version, slightly bigger (60 x 55 cm) is not signed and is in the Uffizi, Florence."-wikipedia

I've seen the one above in person-so rad..

Cute plaid shirt from American Eagle, AWESOME, awesome pic via LIFE-wish that was me and that hot bearded model I posted about last week laying in the back of that get up-pic from here, Danny Lyon photo above

No more shed... all open now and most of the patio has been re-poured. The main house is going to be just the living room and kitchen area, the patio area will be a hallway, bathroom and where that wood is on the ground in the right photo will be two bedrooms. The house is going to be insane when he's done. 2 master bedrooms, 2 reg bedrooms, pool, 1.5 acre lot that backs up to a desert preserve, 2 car garage, 3 bathrooms... 1.3 million insane. He's going to put a temporary fence back up so my dogs can utilize the doggy door again. It's so hard NOT being able to keep the doggy door open when I'm at work. The landlord also moved our washer and dryer and has done so much to accommodate us. I bought him a bottle of Citron Grey Goose Vodka and gave it to him this morning.


Janet said...

you should post a pic of your landlord so we can all see what a hot 62 year old looks like

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ok i will try.. but i will just email it to you!