Friday, March 12, 2010


I really need a scanner. The photo above I took on Van Buren. It's a small old log cabin motel where people go to get rim jobs and hot sex. I didn't go there for that tho, don't worry. I was actually chased out of there by the owner and his big mean looking dog. He hit my car with his cane. I left FAST as seeing I was alone, as always. But do you see the symbolism? The American flag and the NO VISITORS on the door? The quality of these are shitty due to my ghetto way of uploading.

at a roadside memorial on the way to Bisbee, AZ

The reflection in the last one is of me when I took the photo of a holiday display downtown Chicago when I went to Columbia College. I never finished-go figure... they have the coolest window displays during the holidays.


melississippi said...

do you want my scanner? I have an epson 1250 scanner but it's not compatible with Windows 7 which is all i have right now . . it's just been sitting here for ever

Fashion Serial Killer said...

That's be awesome!! Maybe we can meet up at joes real bbq or the breakfast place down there??