Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Living

Me pretending that Wez will let me ride his Honda. He wont!

The cheese plate is from a few days earlier-that was dinner-along with a few glasses of wine. I'm also going to try to limit boozing to weekends only. Try.

Saturday my roomie and I had to move everything out of the shed bcuz the landlord is tearing it down as I type. OOH, I did get to go grab a beer and some food with him and his helper. Found out he's 62.. that's not THAT much older then me.. a couple ten years-not a big deal. I still think he's cute. I scored a Rick Owens dress for $9 at last chance and Saturday night I went out with Brittany and I found a $100 bill on the floor at the bar! I was pretty happy for about 30 min's. This guy came up next to me and asked the bartender to double check that he didn't give him a $100 instead of a $10. UGH! I turned to the guy and told him he was a lucky motherfucker and gave him back his $100. That was hard to do but I did my good deed. Pics of b4 and after here

Sunday we helped Meg and Wez move and BOY o BOY do they have a SHIT TON of stuff. I have never moved that many records in my life. Good times.

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