Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Eye Full is Sometimes Better Than a Mouth full....

Mask pic via Endless Me He's got great stuff on his site..esp if you like motorcycles.

Cat girl pics above by Txema Yeste Model- Masha Novoselova

If I ever got married.. I'd have to have that ring as my wedding ring..but in Silver. Check out that chastity belt-ouch!

H. Levandowski Cupid 17-th century

Don't you agree with me? Oh and HOW bad ass are those platforms? UGH!


Rob said...

careful what you wish for!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

well, i've had an eyefull of you so do you mean Robchata?!!!!! get it? he he.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

hah I know huh? It's so awesome.