Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jack the Ripper

"The five victims had common points. They were all alcoholic and they had been one time in their life streetwalkers. However, the crime was different for any girls. Mary Ann Nichols had incisions in her abdomen ; Annie Chapman had incisions on her neck, her abdomen ravaged (with intestines placed on her shoulder) and her female organs removed and missing ; Elisabeth had just her throat cut ; Catherine had her entrails flung, her neck and throat cut, her intestines under her body and her face mutilated ; and at last, Mary Jane Kelly had her throat cut, her abdomen sliced, her face mutilated and her internal organs had been removed."
Jack the Ripper was the 1st Serial Killer in recorded history. There's some more info here .. don't worry guys, i'm not a REAL Serial Killer.. I'm a Serial Shopper! I just find this stuff super fascinating.


filo said...

I collect every book I find about jack ! to me the best site about the case is casebook :
huge amount of documents, enquiries...etc
if you don't know yet run to it !

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Now I know to look for JTR stuff for you!!! I haven't seen that site yet, i'll run as fast as the intergalacticweb will let me!