Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My bell peppers that I started from seeds that I saved from a bell pepper that I cooked with are doing pretty damn good.

well.. you see that bird nest in the cactus of hell? The other night I came outside and the cat had something in it's mouth on the patio. I shined the light on it and screamed at her to drop it and she ran off. It was a baby bird UGH! I put it in a lil container and tried to keep it warm until I figured out where the heck it came from. Mind you, our house backs up to a desert mountain preserve and it goes on for miles and miles-lord knows where the cat could have stolen it from. I remembered seeing this nest that was made up of our dryer sheets and parts of the dogs toys filling on the trail I hike everyday with the dogs. I went the next day and pulled it partially apart and saw another baby bird in there so I stuck the baby in that nest. So far, so good. There are 3 lil baby birds living there now. Hopefully it was the right nest-I'll try to get a video of the cute lil birdies begging for food. If you make a noise with your mouth they stick there heads out near that hole and it's so darn cute.

p.s. those jumping cholla's are the WORST. I've gotten some in my leg while mountain biking and boy did that suck. They have a fish hook that you can't see so when they get stuck, they get STUCK and you have to pull them out with pliers! My dog had a shit ton in her mouth once and her legs. I hate them more than cockroaches.


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

Jumping Chollas sound like a f-ing nightmare. Anything that involves pliers for removal should be exterminated.

Haley said...

That looks amazing...if I lived there I would never move...ever.

woodenheart said...

kudos for saving the bird and for your little garden! it's tough to grow something from a seed.