Tuesday, May 18, 2010


via American Shaft
SO freaking cool!! That is a dream scenario -that car.. with all the accessories. So last night I had 3 Italian kids stay with me. I guess they aren't kids really, 25 yrs old. Their friend Damiano hooked my friend Cindy and I up when we were in Italy so I'm more than happy to help him out when he needs it for him or his friends. I love having visitors, I just don't have enough visitors..so I think you guys should ALL come visit me. Please. Well, in 3 weeks i'll have a special visitor. I think he will talk about aliens, ice cream and "schompers". YAY! Wait, i'm SCARED!
Whenever Brittany and I drink too much (Dana and I as well) we put on Waylon and then we can't turn it off. It's pretty funny. No really, it is..you'll see if you ever hangout with us. Oh and this one below REALLY DOES It.. how could you not get rowdy to this one..just wait.. let it build up.


Initials BB said...

I get flashbacks every time I hear Ramblin Man.

Haley said...

Oh Waylon...I have to say I'm with you gals on that one...Willie does the trick too. :)

Initials BB said...

Well California should be fun then. :D

Dan said...

I want that '59! Great stuff