Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Girls on Bikes

Thanks F.F!!

Check out those bars on that one bike . I can't even tell what kind of bike that is..those bars are insane. OH, and in a few weeks I will win the Born Free panhead (below). I can't wait! I have fantasies about them calling out my winning number and how I will react. I will piss my pants and have to walk up in front of everybody with a wet ass!


Dave "2¢" Derelicto said...

That first photo is so amazing.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks it's a pic of ME..

kidding.. she's So pretty.

Rowan said...

with the bars is a honda.... you should win that pan and forget the honda, the pan will eat hondas and shit out yamahas.. ha ha

Haley said...

NO WAY! It's mine! We shall see...we shall see... ;)