Monday, June 28, 2010


This is the house I am living in until January. Also, a look out into the backyard.

A few things I've learned about Arizona and things the people have taught me.
1) I've made some great friends
2) Some have taught me to be more open minded about trying new things.. it's great to be willing to at least TRY something new.
3) It's amazing when the rain falls in the desert
4) I'm a Midwesterner and Natives think Midwesterners are too friendly . (I think the Natives are just too weird)
5) Some Natives I have met don't want to know their neighbors or even be bothered by them (I think this is weird and lame)
6) There's very few cool guys that interest me. COME ON MAN!!!!!!
7) Don't leave anything in your car that you do not want ruined from the ridiculous heat
8) There's no such thing as cold water coming out your kitchen spout in the summer
9) Jumping cholla's SUCK
10) It's really rad in the winter months
11) Waylon Jennings is buried in Mutha Fucking Mesa! (You have to add the mutha fucking before Mesa, it's mandatory)


Initials BB said...

haa. this is all true. i like to tell people from elsewhere about how everything melts in a car in the summer, "even cds!" in a spooky campfire-ghost stories voice.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha ha ghost story voice. funny!

Modo B said...

Oh wow. This takes me back. I grew up in Phoenix but moved to California the second I was old enough to escape.
#3. Unparalleled for sure.
#6. Amen sister.
#7 No exaggeration.
#9 Especially when you're six years old and sit on one while trying to copy your brother as he slides down a hill.
#10. *sigh* Too bad winter is so short.

Wanna know the really weird thing? I swore I'd never go back, yet I just bought a building in Winslow. Go figure.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Winslow?! Rad, I have yet to go but I really want to make it up there soon. OUCH to the Cholla cactus move.. my dogs have had them in their tongues/mouth a few times. sux bad.

Anonymous said...

This house is just perfect !

Unknown said...

Totally agree with this, especially #6. UGH!

Anonymous said...

i dream in cactus - it seems unreal to me that one can have those bloated bleached clouds and deserty things in thier/their backyard. jealous.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I use to dream of the desert.. now I dream of the sea and trees and grass. I think the life of a snowbird must be ideal. Winter in the desert, summer by the sea *sigh* I'm jealous of your rad bike.. we can trade if you want?

wool and misc said...

i like it here.