Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saguaro Harvest

"The Saguaro produces a fruit at the top of the cactus that is harvested in the spring by the Tohono O’odham. This Native American group traditionally harvests the saguaro fruit when it is ripe, typically starting in late June, for the Nawait I'i (Rain Ceremony) that occurs during the monsoon season. The Tohono O’odham make saguaro wine, jams, and jellies out of the fruit and have a rain feast in honor of the coming monsoon. Rain and water are very important for the Tohono O’odham because of the arid region in which they live." via here I do love Saguaro's they are so neat and every single one is unique in it's own way.

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melississippi said...

I want a saguaro for my future front yard, I read somewhere that you're not allowed to take them from the desert tho . . . so I guess I'll have to save my pennies