Monday, July 12, 2010

"Sound Princess "

I wish all public bathrooms had this..or a bathroom that's in close proximity to somebody else. I get stage fright sometimes when I have to go to the bathroom.

"Toilet noises can be embarrassing, but what's a shy girl to do besides repeatedly flushing in situ? Japan's answer is the Otohime (pronounced "oto-hee-may"), also known as the "Sound Princess" - an electronic "flush" that saves face as well as water.

Japanese women can be exceedingly modest when it comes to the characteristic sounds of nature's call, regardless of the fact that they are either alone in their home's bathroom or among their own kind in a more public washroom setting.

With the advent of western-style flush toilets in the post-war era, modest misses found that merrily flushing away effectively masked any embarrassing noises. Unfortunately, by the 1980s legions of ladies managing their modesty led to a virtual Niagara of wasted water - a fact not lost on Japan's governing authorities." snagged from here

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