Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is how I feel like dressing lately. Prob is, I've actually been a pretty lazy dresser as of late. I'm kinda bored with everything and am in a phase where I want to get rid of a ton of stuff and just have a few basic pieces I can wear over and over. When I come home from work all I do is throw on my short cut offs and a wife beater and it seems to be my uniform as of late. If anybody wants to come and get me out of the house, go ahead....... You might have to drag me by my hair, but I might like it. If you're a boy and you pick me up on a motorcycle that'd be even better! Don't worry, I wont fall of the back because i'll be suctioned to your back. Har Har.


DicE Magazine said...

I'm on my way, just got stop and get a coffee first. Live to ride, Ride to Starbucks. xxx

Fashion Serial Killer said...

YAY!!!! Grab me an espresso so I can stay up all night bcuz we'll need to stay up all night... You know, to see all the cool spots.