Monday, July 26, 2010


I peeled this HUGE Sebadoh poster off a wall in Sydney Australia a long time ago and have never done anything with it besides keep it rolled up in the corner. It's almost as tall as I am and I had to bring it onboard the plane so it wouldn't get crushed. When we moved out here it went missing along with a few other posters I had in a tube. The movers lost it. Turns out the tube was dropped off with another load that was in the same moving truck. I got it back 4 months later. The End. Lou Barlow is the best.

No, I'm never jealous.
I'm just annoyed with you.
Taking more then you deserve.
I can't help but see right through.
I never want to hurt you,
I just think you ought to know.
Everyone's grown tired,
of your over-drained ego.
It's like you to be paranoid.
It's like you want to get hurt.
You take it all too serious.
You took it too far first.
Jealousy, just might be the explanation.
Mad, cause you can't get all our attention.

You struck first, youre truly evil.
You deserve to be ignored.
Hurt me, Cut down realization.
Jealous of new frustration.

I am the one with purest intention.
You are immature suck for attention.
Tension builds to shape your glory.
One true side to every story.

"Spoiled" is my fav...

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