Monday, July 5, 2010

Sneak Peek N.AZ 2010

A truck came flying by us down a dirtroad in Payson and did this to my poor lil car. It goes nicely with the nice key job somebody did on it a week after I bought it. Assholes, Karma's a bitch.

FSK-That thing was freaking heavy! I hadn't brushed my hair in 2 days.

Twin Arrows.
I think I like to pretend that I still have a truck. My car probably hates me!!


Shadow of a Doubt.
More to follow.. tomorrow... P POWER!


Chris said...

Fucking assholes!
Happened the same with my beemer few months ago. Went for a tattoo job, came back to my car, and a keyjob from the back till the front! Was furious!

Ms.Lou said...

All your travel pics look like good ol' AZ adventuring. thanks for posting!